Things I learned about Italy while in Italy: 

They don't use toilet seats. Just a porcelain bowl - but every bathroom has a bidet. 

There are ruins in every nook and cranny of this country.

Cigarettes are still cool, but they still smell and taste awful. 

Wine is really good and really cheap. 

They cut pizza with scissors or fold an entire pizza in half and in half again to eat it. 

Italian food is only truly delicious when you are in Italy. 

Drivers don't give a fuck. 

Don't bring animal masks to the vatican during Mass unless you want your passport taken away. 

The locals are incredibly nice. 

Bambinos are treated like actual cherubs. 

The pope is the biggest celebrity in town. 

Traveling to Italy once is not nearly enough. 






Arm balancing

Arm balances can be really fun -unless you don't quite know how to actually do it, especially as a newer student in a yoga class. You may hear a yoga teacher casually offer an optional crow pose, or some other arm balance for students to do, without any demonstration. (myself included). In a typical yoga class there usually isnt enough time to truly break down the mechanics. Problem is, if you don't know how to do it, its hard to get the courage to get lift off. Fear and uncertainty can can take over. Even if you have been practicing for a while and you finally get lift off it can be so hard to actually stay up and maintain your breath in the pose when you are unaware of what bakasana actaully demands of you.

Just like looking at a long list of things to do, its easy to feel overwhelmed. However when you simply look at one task as a time, you slowly chip away and the next thing you know, you've completed the list. 

Looking at a complex yoga pose, like bakasana, is a lot like that. Once it is broken down into its most fundamental levels, piece by piece, it can be understood. We'll break down the following list with simple and engaging techniques 

  • placement of hands
  • mechanics arms 
  • protraction of shoulder blades
  • engagement of core & hip flexors
  • opening of hips 
  • squeezing in of knees
  • engagement of hamstrings 

When practiced with awareness, overtime, this stuff becomes second nature and will become the building blocks to other more challenging (read: fun) arm balances.  

I hope to see you Sunday, March 4th at Yogaraj from 2-3:30 so we can nerd out about this topic together! The workshop is only $20. 

Hugs & Namaste 



This is the woman who taught me to teach asana. She is incredible. I miss the days I could practice with her a few times a week. I cherish my time with her. 

 The night before this photoshoot I had a dream that we weren't able to take any photos because we were chatting too long and then the sun went down. That almost came true. We had so much fun shooting in her home studio that we only had a small window of light once we made it to the arts district in downtown LA. What we were able to get in that small window of time is killer. Hunting for art walls was like going on a treasure hunt, I really need to get downtown more often.  SO. MUCH. FUN. 


When I visited this sweet family Sylvia was just a few days old. There is nothing like holding a fresh baby. That headband on her little head, I cant even handle the cuteness!

I was so impressed, the mom had an amazing amount of energy and looked so well put together. All the memories of Ryder being that little came flooding back to me.  I wish I had the energy to do a photoshoot with him when he was that little. But I didn't even have the energy to blow dry my hair, never mind stage and style a photoshoot. Anyone have a time machine I can borrow real quick ;) 



#tbt Ojai baby moon

All the feels come back to me when I look back at this sweet special time spent on a yoga retreat in Ojai when I was 9 months pregnant. I was there exactly a year ago. 

I vividly remember one of my meditations during our yoga nidra session. As Bekah was leading us through the guided meditation into some deep chakra work, I was finding it challenging to concentrate because Ryder had the hiccups and was kicking me. I had to work incredibly hard to not get distracted so I could surrender into the subtle body work of the meditation. I clearly remember having a giggle at this pulsation of being focused on myself yet being 100% aware of his existence. At 9 months pregnant, it was practice for what was to come. At that point, without even being a mother yet, I was well aware how common it is for mothers to get wrapped up in their children's lives. So much so, that there is a tendency to lose oneself. In that moment I vowed to never lose sight of my goals or self care practice. 

These contemplations continue to come up in all I do. It is not easy. It is a dance, choreographed in his realm during the day, and in my realm at night. When his lights go out, it is time for mine to go on.

Personal growth and professional development are priorities for me, here is what that may look like on any given night. I listen to podcasts while I edit photos from recent photoshoots, I put time into the yoga teacher training I'm currently doing with Jason Crandall, or I tap into my creative side and make things for my etsy site Rex & Ry. I always have some kind of project going on. A portion of my alone time is dedicated towards self care, it just feels nice to do something simple for myself. It usually comes in the form of practicing yoga, however most nights my husband doesn't get home early enough for that, in which case I light a candle, burn some palo santo, and pull a few cards from my tarot deck with a mini meditation on the cards and a little journaling.  A face mask goes a long way in making me feel refreshed. I'm obsessed with all of Lush's products. And, on some nights the first thing I do when his lights go out is head to the fridge, crack open an IPA, and sit my ass on the couch and watch TV. I'm not perfect.

Here I am, one year later, recommitting to the vow I made to myself. Staying driven and present in working towards my personal endeavors. 


I am in love with these. I love giving them as gifts and they are so fun to hang in any room in the home. Here are some of the latest pieces for my etsy shop, Rex and Ry.  I'm making a big batch that will go up soon for this holiday season. I have some real sassy ones that I have yet to photograph. 

 Let me know if you have requests and I'll personalize one for you, I offer a 20% discount for any personalized pennants when you pay in advance.  




Lauren & John's wedding

What a lovely wedding day. I am so impressed by this couple. Their DIY style is of professional quality. The bouquets, flower crowns, boutonnieres, and so many other decorations were made by the bridal party. All their little details were so charming, right down to the skinny floral ties the guys were sporting. Their vision brought a California boho vibe to this perfect day. 

The ceremony location was at the Los Angeles Arboretum, an absolutely picturesque backdrop which flaunted their love of nature. Their reception location at Chloe's inside of Golden Road Brewery, had a warm tavern feel with a delicious gastropub menu and beer made on site. 

Having my brother next to me as the second shooter made an already perfect day even better! Thanks for collaborating with me David. Check out his work here 


Lauren & John's engagement photos

I took these photos of Lauren and John back in March. It's now September. Needless to say this year is flying by. I am shooting their wedding this weekend and figured their engagement photos deserve a blog post before I jump right into their wedding. 

Before I get to the photos I just have to gush about how I adore these two. They are long time yoga students of mine, They come to classes together all the time. They're always smiling their million dollar smiles ear to ear. The love of their dog, Tima, is so dang adorable. And, they are two of the smartest people I know. Talk about couple goals!! 

birth story

Now that my hormones have leveled off and the "4th trimester" is over I want to share my birth story with those that have asked.  

Disclaimer: I go into great detail. This is unapologetically raw. I do not want to scare you if you are currently pregnant. 

I was 10 days "overdue" and my midwives encourage monitoring the baby once you go past that point. My mom (who is also my doula and the most amazing woman ever.) accompanied me to the fetal diagnostics appointment where they wanted to check for the heart rate, oxygen levels, amniotic fluid, and to get a good picture of what was going on with Mr. Fashionably late. They said it usually only takes about 20 minutes in and out. 45 minutes into the appointment, I realize they are checking on us all too often. 2 hours go by, and in that time Ryder was unable to find a baseline to his heart beat. He would take a 10 minute nap where his heart rate would slow down significantly and then wake up all jazzed about life, move around a bunch then get his heart all fired up. (This pattern holds true to this day) I believe the nurse called him a party animal. I liked that about her. 

The midwife sat with me and explained she did not want us to leave the hospital until we got this baby out. She was beginning concerned that after 3 hours he was not able to settle. She explained all the variables and gave us another 30 minutes and luckily he settled for a full 20 minutes. I bargained with her to let me go home and see if natural labor would run its course overnight and if not I would go in the next day to gently induce with cervidil which is a pill inserted to ripen the cervix. At that point I was 90% effaced and 1cm dilated. 

A very long sleepless night went by without any excitement. The next day we headed to the BirthPlace to get the party started. We checked in at 4pm on December 9th. We were making bets with family members with how long this venture would take once the cervidil kicked in. All I knew is that my favorite midwife's shift was over at 8am on Dec 10th, so I had it in my head that Ryder would be out by then.

Side story. Getting the cervidil was the first of many have-no-shame- moments in this journey. Since UCLA hospital is a medical school, and because of that there are lots of students there to learn. The midwife in training was prompted to administer the pill. This stranger straight up looked me in the eyes the entire time and was trying to have casual conversation as her 2 fingers, might I add were not lubed with a latex glove on, were inside the depths of my vagina.  

Anyway, the cervidil was a great success, it went in at 6pm and within minutes my contractions were regular and gently rolling in. It felt like butterflies or riding on a kiddie roller coaster. Now that the party had started we were checked into the labor and delivery room. As I sat on my birthing ball Rex and I played cards, music was on, mom was taking photos. I must have said many times "I could do this all night"  I was having fun! 

As the contractions grew stronger me and Rex started walking the hallways of the hospital to get Ryder to descend with the contractions. At around 9pm the contractions got closer together, I was glued to my birthing ball and it was time to stop all casual conversation. My skin felt like it was electric, and no one was allowed to touch me anymore unless absolutely necessary. Everyone was super respectful of this. Rex and my mom were incredible at holding space for me to just be. At around 11pm emotions crashed over me like a wave and I started hysterically crying and hyperventilating. As soon as I stood up off the birthing ball my water broke. And I immediately felt like I had to shit and push the baby out at the same time. Up until that point in my life I never had anyone in the same room as me while I pooped. There must have been at least 4 people in the room with me for that glorious moment. All shame was out the door. 

Turns out I was only 3 cm dilated at that point. I very clearly remember saying to Rex (more than once) that I never want to do this again and we are not having another baby. 

The only thing I could do was go into a meditative trance while I moved my hips around on the birthing ball. The sounds I made in that time were the most primal sounds that I could not even try to control. All I'll say is it is nothing like the movies portray. I was not screaming, ever. It was more like a chant. A low baratone, almost moo-ing animalistic sound. At this point, time no longer existed to me. The moments I was unable to hold myself in that trance like space I felt near death. As time passed, it was harder and harder to maintain that meditative quality. 

Around 2am I started begging for an epidural. Now, I never intended on getting one, however, I also wasn't in denial that I was unsure of my pain threshold. Rex and I made a "safeword" when It came to the epidural, we chose jazz quartet band. No one was allowed to offer me an epidural, and if I asked for one they weren't allowed to encourage it. But, If I said jazz quartet band everyone knew it serious. I started yelling JAZZ QUARTET BAND.

My goal was to have "natural" labor. Frankly, in the moment, it didn't feel "natural" to feel so close to death while giving birth. That might sound dramatic, but I truly felt at times I could not go on. I was exhausted. I was only 7cm dilated and did not have the stamina to go through anything more intense than what I had already experienced. My body was shaking, even convulsing at some points. I was shivering, I couldn't get warm even though I felt like I was on fire. I could no longer sit, stand, walk, bounce, squat, or even lay down. I wanted to crawl out of my own body. I bargained with myself that if I got the epidural I could get some rest so I'd have the energy to go on. As the needle was being injected I could not stay still due to the non-stop rolling contractions, so the anesthesiologist could not get good aim on a moving target. Unfortunately, it was all too late. Not only was it now time to push, It was also a bad epidural, It only half worked on my outter left side and left me numb from head to toe. It even made my left eyelid feel droopy. 

At 230am I started pushing. Honestly, it felt like relief after everything else I had gone through. I felt like I could actively participate in labor where as before it was all just happening in me. Fatigue was so serious that I passed out and blacked out between pushes. Before going into labor I had absolutely no desire to touch the head as it is coming out or see it happening in a mirror. The thought of doing that made my knees weak. Well, let me tell you. towards the end I needed it. It was the best motivation that all my effort was finally getting us somewhere. 

Ryder's heart was no longer steady and he had been in the birth canal for a long time. There was quiet chatter between the midwife and the nurse. Finally at 5:40 my midwife said "Emily, you need to make this your last push" So, I did. At 5:42am Ryder Thomas Lowry came into this world. 

Just yesterday, I was putting Ryder down for a nap by bouncing him to sleep on the birthing ball (which we still use several times a day.) I looked down at the sweet sleepy puddle in my arms and thought to myself I could have 100 babies. Then I remembered my birth story. I might need to read this from time to time to keep me in check. ;) 




This little cutie pie has been in front of my camera many times now. Each time her precious spirit evolves it gets more and more fun and loads more cute! Kk and Kendra are splitting images of each other and I always look forward to our photo sessions at Brand Library! 

As I inch closer to motherhood myself, I have to say having Kendra as a close friend has been such a blessing. Not just because she is a fantastic friend and human being. Also because it is inspiring to see the way she interacts with Kennedy. She makes parenting a little one look so easy. But to be honest, I believe the outward effortlessness derives from her ability to stay patient. Things never seem chaotic when I'm with them. Even when Kk isn't getting her way, Kendra has this way about talking so calmly and straight forward to her. Explaining everything and acknowledging her feelings seems to make the tantrums fizzle out before they even have space to erupt. I hope to have 1/2 the patience through the bond with my son that I see in these darlings. 

Check out my other photo shoots with this little gem to see her grow like a little bean sprout! From In the womb, 2 weeks, and 1 year. 

Mother's Blessing

I've gotten a lot of questions about my recent Mothers Blessing/Baby shower. I am more than happy to share the details on planning one, and creating a bohemian setting without breaking the bank. 

If you're wondering what a Mothers Blessing is I'd describe it as a celebration of life, love, pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. It is rooted in the traditional Navajo ceremony called a "Blessingway," that centers around appreciation, harmony, and shared wisdom towards the mother to be. The purpose is to nourish, nurture, support, and encourage the Mother to be. Both affirming her vision for a beautiful birth experience and the continued support from her tribe as she journeys into motherhood. 

I'll start by saying, I have had a lot of special days in my life, but I have to say, this one tops them all in how meaningful it was. I felt so unbelievably supported as the inspiring women in my life gathered together in ceremony to celebrate my rite of passage into Motherhood. A Mother's blessing is a wonderful addition to a traditional baby shower to take the time to not only celebrate the arrival of a newborn with cute little gifts,  but to also acknowledge and hold space for the Mom to be.

I had so much fun planning this special day! I had a very grand vision thanks to my pinterest search for "bohemian baby shower" As all the images came filtering through, my heart started to flutter with joy. I had to make my own "design on a dime" version of this come to life with all the inspiration points on my pinterest board, I'd say I did a damn good job of that (with the help of family and friends who contributed as well!!)  I'll get into the full budget details later in this post. For now I'll just talk about the logistics of the day's events. 

Initially, when invitations were sent out it included a piece of  teal colored card stock with these words attached about the ceremony  "Graciously bring a prayer, a letter, a poem, or quote to read to Emily written on the included note card to support her with love and strength during our brief ceremony circle. The notecards will then be added to a book for her to cherish"  

I planned the party for between 25-30 people to be incredibly relaxed and informal. As family and friends arrived the food was already laid out banquet style, there was no formal time in which everyone ate at the same time. Guests helped themselves to artisanal finger sandwiches and a hearty salad as well as apple cider sangria or an autumn spiced iced tea. 

There was a henna tattoo artist as well as a dream catcher craft station for everyone to contribute to a huge dreamcatcher for Ryders nursery. Everyone had time to craft, get tattooed, mingle, eat, drink, and be merry for a little over an hour before the ceremony started.

Once the ceremony started my Mother saged and cleansed the space as the shamanic leader of the ritual drummed and chanted.  I sat in the middle on a little throne cushion while everyone gathered. Once the energy and intention was set to the powers that be, each guest had an opportunity to share their own words of wisdom, poetry, or a quote as I silently sat and soaked in the meaning and beauty of their words. Not having the opportunity to talk during this ceremony was another piece to it being so special. I didn't have to worry about saying the perfect response. I could then just absorb and be fully present. 

The ceremony closed as we all stood in a circle and tied red thread around our wrists to symbolize the connection we all share. As we stood, bound together in the web of red thread, I could finally speak and share the emotions and gratitude that came up during the Mothers Blessing. To tie off the bracelet, each woman turns to the person next to her, and helps cut and tie the thread around the wrist. This red bracelet will stay on each woman's wrist until word goes out that birth is underway, then the thread can be cut to release the birthing blessings to the Mother. 

(Overall, the ceremony lasted a little over 30 minutes.)

 After the ceremony circle, my husband arrived to meet and greet our tribe, sidecar donuts were served and enjoyed as we then opened some pretty amazing and thoughtful gifts. 

As you scroll through the photos below, keep in mind, I do not have endless heaps of cash to support my dreamy pinterest boards. Everything included was at minimal cost, you just have to be willing to shop around, wait for sales, use coupons, and of course call on the help of the people around you to borrow decor and necessary items. I'm hoping this post might offer you some realistic insight to keep costs at a minimum. 

First of all, much gratitude to my dear friend who offered her home, I didn't have to worry about budgeting a space. The only rentals I used were from Burbank Party Rentals And that was for the 2 banquet tables that held the food and drink,  4 children's sized tables, and the table linens. All of that cost a little over 100. I went with children's tables to not only keep a grounded and low key bohemian vibe, but to also save money in not having to rent chairs. That shaved a lot of money off the budget right there!

In styling the setting, I obviously didn't want my guests sitting in the grass. Ideally I would have used woven rugs patch worked across the lawn, but that lofty idea was not in my price range, so I used several of these mexican blankets. (As a yoga teacher I already had several of them, and borrowed the rest from other yoga teacher friends, which added no extra cost.)  As far as the pillows go, It is a bit of a vice of mine, but they all belong to either me or my sister-in-law. Between the 2 of us we had 30+ pillows. Insane. The pillow addiction added no extra cost to the party.  

Each place setting consisted of incredibly cheap eco friendly paper plates, and recycled wooden forks purchased from amazon. The gold chevron cloth napkins were borrowed from a friend who saved them from her wedding. A little twine and a feather to tie it all together added a cute touch at a small price. 

Instead of center pieces that would just get tossed, we made "edible" center pieces of charcuterie boards. Each wooden slate was purchased from Michaels, on sale and with a coupon for $5 each. The charcuterie cheeses, meats, crackers and fig jam were purchased from Costco and the olives and nuts were purchased from Trader Joes. Everything was divided amongst 6 boards. Again, super cost effective and easy

The food was the biggest chunk of the budget, a chef (who is also a dear friend) made 4 different style finger sandwiches and a hearty fall inspired salad. The menu:

  • Smashed chickpea and avocado on multi grain bread with sprouts, tomatoes and basil.
  • Smoked salmon on pumpernickle with dill creme fraiche, capers, red onions and cucumber
  • Aged cheddar and chutney on brioche **my favorite** 
  • Prosciutto and fig jam with brie and crisp pears on baguette
  • Autumn salad with roasted butternut squash, bacon, pumpkin seeds, and a creamy garlic dressing over greens. 
  • Dessert: 3 donut flavors from sidecar; pumpkin, cinnamon crumb, and huckleberry  

I was able to borrow 30 small mason jars from a yoga studio I work at to drink the sangria and iced tea out of. I added a small pop of color to them with recycled cardboard teal chevron straws.

All the greenery was purchased from Trader joes for just 1.99 a bunch. I got 10 of them. Laying it flat around the tables took away the need for purchasing vases which looks naturally gorgeous. The most pricy flower purchased was 4 bunches of baby's breath for 4.99 each. In hindsight I could have purchased less greenery, to save a few dollars, but the look ended up being so lush and lovely. My mother ended up saving and wrapping a bouquet of the leftover greenery, eucalyptus, and feathers with twine and dried it out to hang in my bedroom. It still smells fresh and looks darling. 

The rest of the decor I used is either from things I purchased to decorate Ryder's nursery or items from my sister-in-laws little boy's nursery. So, don't be afraid to ask around to borrow cute little signs, or banners to hang and adorn the space. If you really are striving for that "bohemian" vibe, remember bohemians are unconventional artists, so the more eclectic the better, get creative! 

 The dream catcher craft station cost less than $25. I just love the way each person added different ribbons, and beads, pompoms, and feathers to adorn the piece. The teal colors pop and look so playful hung in his room. 

The henna tattoo artist was another sizable expense for the day, however having one was a huge part of my vision. A bonus is that the henna also  technically budgets as a take home favor for the guests. For those of you that live in the LA area I highly recommend Opal moon henna, she is so talented.  **If you choose to do belly henna and want to show it off on your special day,  I highly recommend setting up an appointment to get yours done 2 days before the party, so when people are hugging and loving on you during your event, you don't have to protect and be cautious of smudging the wet intricate design. Also, to really get a high quality mandala, you'll want to set aside at least an hour for it, and you don't want that time sucked up while you're trying to enjoy the lovely day you worked so hard to plan!**

In addition to the henna, I also made a little favors packaged in a teal paper bag with a small candle purchased on amazon for each guest to light once they hear Ryder has started his earthbound journey. Here is the note I attached to each candle. "Just as a tree grows best when anchored firmly in the earth, so can a pregnant mother feel strong and capable when supported by a sisterhood of nurturing friends. When you hear the word that Ryder has started his journey into this world, light this flame with calming thoughts and love in your heart." 

As I sit here and write this, killing time as I anxiously await the arrival of Ryder any day now, I look back and feel so overwhelmed with the love everyone brought to this special day. I feel so honored and so blessed to have had this sacred time to truly feel the depth of emotions it is to embrace the shift from Maiden to Mother. I hold this circle very sacred in my heart, and am so grateful that I have a community of women who gather together to uplift this Mother to be. Since this day, when I see one of the red thread bracelets on someones wrist I'm instantly uplifted by the bond and connection we made on this special day. 

 Please let me know if you have any questions about the details on planning a day like this for yourself. 

*Photos are thanks to my long time friend Andrea Jeffe 


Stephanie's labyrinth maternity photoshoot

This sweet friend of mine recently gave birth to Hudson Luna. I'm so happy I had a chance to photograph her pregnancy at the tail end because her bump is just perfect, and honestly, her little darling came out as perfect as well. It takes a doll to make a doll. 

Stephanie picked this lovely location near her home in Pasadena. The urban garden space, known as Arlington Garden, features a labyrinth which offered us the perfect landscape for our photoshoot. 

Wedding day for Hannah and Jon

If I had to use one word to sum up this beautiful day it would be the word poetic.

But one word is boring. So, I just have to gush.

Every moment, every detail, every flower, and every word were so intentional throughout this day. They were able to intertwine the many talents of their friends and family to enhance the theatrics of the day. Even each person included in the backround of the wedding had a personal relationships with the couple.  All of this added up to create such a communal interconnected feel throughout the day. 

The venue they chose was gifted to them by a lovely couple whom offered their private estate in Sierra Madre, CA. The landscape was a photographers dream. There were so many nooks and crannies to create intimate and gorgeous shots.

One of the most breathtaking parts of the day was the exchanging of the vows. These vows need to be bound in a hardcover book and sold as a modern day fairytale come to life. There is no doubt that this happily ever after runs far and deep. 

Many blessings and warm wishes to this newly married couple. 

Madrid, Spain - and the souvenir we took home with us

Madrid was a magical city. For many reasons. The history, the food, the culture, the museums, the parks, the weather, the nightlife... but most magical of all is that we left Madrid with one of the most special souvenirs of all time. A baby. Yep, while we were in Madrid, we found out we were going to be parents. 

I didn't know I was going on this trip until the day before I arrived. Rex was sent there for work, once he checked into the ME hotel in the historic Santa Ana Plaza he told me how gorgeous it was. That, topped with the offer being extended to me to tag a long, I seriously couldn't resist. Spontaneity got the best of me and I booked a flight. The next day I was off. 

It was the perfect trip, not only would I be able to keep my man company after his long days at work, I would also get to explore the sights off on my own all day. I don't think I ever walked so much. I just roamed around, never much of a destination, this is just one of the cities where things find you. With all the vibrant history it is impossible to be bored.  Previously my trips throughout Europe were spent jumping from city to city. It was so nice to just settle into one place for a whole week to get a lay of the land. By day 2 I hardly had to look at a map, the leisurely pace perfect. 

As the days went by, it seemed I couldn't quite shake the jet lag. It was real intense, I was nauseous in waves, light headed, tired most the time, and on top of that, the rich foods I was eating were not exactly agreeing with me.... all these symptoms I kept blaming on jet lag and pushing forward. Finally, 2 days before I had to leave I realized I was late for my next cycle and thought this could possibly be pregnancy symptoms. I was a little worried with all the sangria I had been drinking that I needed to get to the bottom of this before I had uno mas. 

I was on a mission to find a pregnancy test at the local Pharmacy. This was no easy task as pharmacies are not like American ones, no isles to browse, everything is behind a counter and you have to ask for what you need. Me not speaking much Spanish, I had to use interpretive dance and body language to describe what I needed... She thought it was condoms... too late for that.... Once I got what I needed I had to use google translate to find the results....Sure enough, those intense feelings I was going through were certainly not jet lag. There is indeed a tiny human growing inside of me.

I was dying to share the news with Rex once he got out of work. I wrote the exciting news on a postcard for him to read. From there forward the rest of an already incredible trip totally transformed into such a time of joy and celebration. A truly unforgettable experience. 

Looking back, I am so beyond grateful we were able to have that time together... Because who knows when we'll be able to travel across the world like that again.

The two words changed our lives forever "Esta embarazada" 

Jennifer & Cliff

This darling couple chose the beautiful Palisades Park for their shoot. Although they said they're not photogenic and did not feel comfortable in front of the camera, none of that showed one bit. Just pure sweet authentic love was shining through for this lens to capture.  I absolutely love the unique ring Cliff had picked out for Jennifer and the vintage belt Jennifer had chosen to wear with her romper that used to belong to her grandmother.

Since Cliff is a surfer he was really looking forward to including some shots by the ocean, and he was such a trooper when the waves came up and soaked the bottom of his jeans. 

 Thank you, Jennifer and Cliff, for choosing me, congratulations on your engagement! 

Hannah & Jon

It was a beautiful day at the Arboretum as we walked around to capture the sweet couple their energy was so natural and earthy, which was the perfect mirror the environment we were in. Hannah and Jon chose this location because they are such nature lovers, If I had photographed them hugging the trees they would have been just as happy. However, these photos were for their marriage to each other..... not to the trees ;) 

Although I knew Hannah through the yoga studio we both teach at, it was so great to get to know her better throughout the day of our photoshoot. Her and Jon are such a sweet laid-back couple and I cant wait to shoot their wedding day. 


Because sometimes its the little things that matter...

All these were shot at the Los Angeles arboretum using my Nikon D300s with a fixed 60mm macro lens. 

Kennedy is 1

This little sweet girl is part fairy, part humming bird, and part amazing tiny human. These photos do no justice to her sweet etherial spirit. Happy first Birthday Kk. 

Camp Kota

When the wild little Dakota Warren turned one year old, we turned a little wooded nook into his private camp out photoshoot. It was such a sweet little adventure capturing these images.