Kennedy Ryan

Dear world, meet Kennedy Ryan Nelson. She was welcomed into the world on January 11, 2015. She was birthed naturally by her Mother, which is no surprise seeing that Motherhood came so naturally to Kendra, her mom who I adore very much...almost as much as I adore this little pea pod. 

These photos were taken when Kennedy was just over 2 weeks old. She is one long little lady, and as petite as can be. Much like her momma, long and lean. 

It just amazes me how quickly babies grow, the fast rate at which they reach new milestones is astounding. Life passes by in a blink. I hope Kendra and her family are able to look back on these photographs, as if hitting the pause button on life, to reflect and remember the tiny moments along the journey of growing together. 

I love you much Kendra, I can't wait to see your darling little girl grow and bloom.