pixie yogi Erin Haynes

After an amazing class with Giselle Mari at Yogaglo,  Erin and I had a delightful yoga photo shoot together. Taking a class together before the shoot was perfect to get her muscles all warmed up for the shots she had in mind. She wanted an urban look to her shots, so we went adventuring around Venice Beach on the hunt for artful & colorful walls to procure some snapshots in front of. Gotta love the street art in Venice, there is certainly no lack of it. Here are  just a few photos we captured. I loved getting her spritely energy in front of my camera. I could have shot her all day.  Unfortunately, the sun was setting fast, so we had to call it a day. 

Erin is a wonderful teacher, I love the energy she brings to the class.  If you haven't checked out her classes yet, you should!