Arm balancing

Arm balances can be really fun -unless you don't quite know how to actually do it, especially as a newer student in a yoga class. You may hear a yoga teacher casually offer an optional crow pose, or some other arm balance for students to do, without any demonstration. (myself included). In a typical yoga class there usually isnt enough time to truly break down the mechanics. Problem is, if you don't know how to do it, its hard to get the courage to get lift off. Fear and uncertainty can can take over. Even if you have been practicing for a while and you finally get lift off it can be so hard to actually stay up and maintain your breath in the pose when you are unaware of what bakasana actaully demands of you.

Just like looking at a long list of things to do, its easy to feel overwhelmed. However when you simply look at one task as a time, you slowly chip away and the next thing you know, you've completed the list. 

Looking at a complex yoga pose, like bakasana, is a lot like that. Once it is broken down into its most fundamental levels, piece by piece, it can be understood. We'll break down the following list with simple and engaging techniques 

  • placement of hands
  • mechanics arms 
  • protraction of shoulder blades
  • engagement of core & hip flexors
  • opening of hips 
  • squeezing in of knees
  • engagement of hamstrings 

When practiced with awareness, overtime, this stuff becomes second nature and will become the building blocks to other more challenging (read: fun) arm balances.  

I hope to see you Sunday, March 4th at Yogaraj from 2-3:30 so we can nerd out about this topic together! The workshop is only $20. 

Hugs & Namaste