Happy 4 month birthday to the dapper little Dakota Warren Whitaker, the sweetest littlest man who has ever lived. I got to spend the whole weekend down in Seal Beach with my Brother, his lovely wife Amanda, and the wee little Dakota.  It was the perfect lazy weekend. We cooked a bunch of food, watched a bunch of movies, had a bunch of laughs, drank a bunch of drinks, did a bunch of handstands, and of course, I took a bunch of photos of the baby being as cute as ever. 

Daks had a pretty big weekend! On top of a big teething spurt,  he rolled over for the first time ever, he used his full sized crib for the first time, and he is grabbing for things and bringing them to his mouth, especially his feet. I'm so grateful I get to be there for times like these, and to be able to share them through photography with members of the family who cant always be as close as they'd like to be. 

Being an Auntie is the shit.