Madrid, Spain - and the souvenir we took home with us

Madrid was a magical city. For many reasons. The history, the food, the culture, the museums, the parks, the weather, the nightlife... but most magical of all is that we left Madrid with one of the most special souvenirs of all time. A baby. Yep, while we were in Madrid, we found out we were going to be parents. 

I didn't know I was going on this trip until the day before I arrived. Rex was sent there for work, once he checked into the ME hotel in the historic Santa Ana Plaza he told me how gorgeous it was. That, topped with the offer being extended to me to tag a long, I seriously couldn't resist. Spontaneity got the best of me and I booked a flight. The next day I was off. 

It was the perfect trip, not only would I be able to keep my man company after his long days at work, I would also get to explore the sights off on my own all day. I don't think I ever walked so much. I just roamed around, never much of a destination, this is just one of the cities where things find you. With all the vibrant history it is impossible to be bored.  Previously my trips throughout Europe were spent jumping from city to city. It was so nice to just settle into one place for a whole week to get a lay of the land. By day 2 I hardly had to look at a map, the leisurely pace perfect. 

As the days went by, it seemed I couldn't quite shake the jet lag. It was real intense, I was nauseous in waves, light headed, tired most the time, and on top of that, the rich foods I was eating were not exactly agreeing with me.... all these symptoms I kept blaming on jet lag and pushing forward. Finally, 2 days before I had to leave I realized I was late for my next cycle and thought this could possibly be pregnancy symptoms. I was a little worried with all the sangria I had been drinking that I needed to get to the bottom of this before I had uno mas. 

I was on a mission to find a pregnancy test at the local Pharmacy. This was no easy task as pharmacies are not like American ones, no isles to browse, everything is behind a counter and you have to ask for what you need. Me not speaking much Spanish, I had to use interpretive dance and body language to describe what I needed... She thought it was condoms... too late for that.... Once I got what I needed I had to use google translate to find the results....Sure enough, those intense feelings I was going through were certainly not jet lag. There is indeed a tiny human growing inside of me.

I was dying to share the news with Rex once he got out of work. I wrote the exciting news on a postcard for him to read. From there forward the rest of an already incredible trip totally transformed into such a time of joy and celebration. A truly unforgettable experience. 

Looking back, I am so beyond grateful we were able to have that time together... Because who knows when we'll be able to travel across the world like that again.

The two words changed our lives forever "Esta embarazada"