This little cutie pie has been in front of my camera many times now. Each time her precious spirit evolves it gets more and more fun and loads more cute! Kk and Kendra are splitting images of each other and I always look forward to our photo sessions at Brand Library! 

As I inch closer to motherhood myself, I have to say having Kendra as a close friend has been such a blessing. Not just because she is a fantastic friend and human being. Also because it is inspiring to see the way she interacts with Kennedy. She makes parenting a little one look so easy. But to be honest, I believe the outward effortlessness derives from her ability to stay patient. Things never seem chaotic when I'm with them. Even when Kk isn't getting her way, Kendra has this way about talking so calmly and straight forward to her. Explaining everything and acknowledging her feelings seems to make the tantrums fizzle out before they even have space to erupt. I hope to have 1/2 the patience through the bond with my son that I see in these darlings. 

Check out my other photo shoots with this little gem to see her grow like a little bean sprout! From In the womb, 2 weeks, and 1 year.