Copper Moon under the new moon

A weekend off the grid with my man in Joshua tree was the best thing after Rex's string of traveling for almost a month straight. This solar powered gem we stayed in goes by the name of copper moon, found on airbnb.  No wifi, no tv, we were sold. 

We arrived at night, the property had a great collection of books, we took the stargazers handbook outside, laid down and tried to connect the dots above. Later in the night another book the cabin helped transform me into a professional palm reader. I was set on staying up past midnight, as soon as the clock changed to 12:01, mission accomplished, lights out. Old man Rex didn't make it and was snoring by 11:50. We're so damn old, we should just retire.  

The day weather was perfect, hot but breezy. Armed with spf 70, we walked thru the desert, read our books in the sun, played games, and enjoyed not needing to care what time it was. The meals we made were simple, but couldn't have tasted better. The air chilled once the sun went down, but the heat of the fire kept us warm all night. As we passed a mug of whiskey back and forth we cooked dinner over the fire, roasted marshmallows soon followed.  The night sky was ideal, the new moon's darkness offered the brilliance of the constellations above. 

The next morning we packed a picnic and were off to Joshua Tree National Park. It was Rex's first time, I was excited to show him my favorite spots, and also discover new ones with him. We cruised the park, climbed some rocks, and hiked a few of the trails. The weekend closed with some cold beers and a heaping plate of nachos at Pappi & Harriets

It was perfect.